Final Fantasy Series

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been playing through and researching the Final Fantasy series from the original Japanese famicom versions to present day. I was waiting to capture the game footage until I could upgrade my famicom to HD and at this point in time, I have the original three games covered.

The goal of this work has been to put together a series that shows connections between the games in the series and even outside influences. I have so often been asked what these games have in common with one another since they (mostly) exist in their own worlds and their characters and stories are (mostly) limited to a single game.

I plan to work on a new series with Mike that will highlight these connections in detail. From weapons to plot themes to characters cameos, these videos will take a comprehensive look at the franchise.

In a lot of ways, the series has gone through different phases, but to me, the original franchise really ended with Final Fantasy IX – a game that paid homage to the previous entries in the series and really felt like a farewell to an era. While I will touch upon the games that followed, I will mostly be focusing on the first nine games.

I have not decided on the exact format for this new series, but intend to begin sharing all of this Final Fantasy history I have in my brain (and my notes) with you in the coming year. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or requests although I probably already have too much material to cover as it is. This is a pretty ambitious project, especially with my perfectionist tendencies, but I have enjoyed working on it so far and look forward to seeing it all come together.

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